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What is Aquamation?

Aquamation is the use of water, heat, and chemical salts to cremate your pet through alkaline hydrolysis, rather than using fuel and fire as in traditional cremation.  Per the Bio-Response (machine manufacturer) website:

"Aquamation is a method of final disposition that is available for both our human and pet loved ones. The scientific name for this water-based process is alkaline hydrolysis. It is the same process that occurs as part of nature’s course when a body is laid to rest in the soil. A combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and alkalinity are used to accelerate the breakdown of organic materials."

Learn more about it here.

Aquamation machine

How long will it be before my pet is ready?

We strive to have your pet ready for you in within 1 - 2 weeks.  If you have opted for home delivery (when available) of your pet, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

How do I know I got MY pet back?

Many pet families biggest concern surrounding their pet's cremation is if the remains they get back truly belong to their, and only their, pet.  Thanks to our dual-triple system of using Rex Veterinary Software aftercare tracking, in tandem with paper charts, as well as personalized metal tags for each pet being individually cremated (returned with your pet's remains), you can rest assured that you will get your pet back.

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