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We know that as a beloved family member, the urn your pet is placed in following their aftercare is important.  That is why we offer a selection of complimentary beautiful urns for the companions we aquamate, with additional upgrade options available as well.  We also have a variety of paw prints, jewelry, and other keepsake items viewable here

If you do not like any of the options we provide, there is a huge selection of urns on Amazon and Etsy (where you can even choose to have an artist hand make a custom urn).

***Please note that if your pet is too large to fit in the largest size of any chosen urn, we will package the rest of your pet's remains in a velvet bag in order to return your entire pet to you.***


Personalizations available (for wood urns):

Brass nameplate (up to 2 lines) $10

Wood etching (2 - 3 lines) $20

Urn customization, brass nameplate
Urn customization, wood etching
Tree of Life Urns

"Tree of Life"


"Brass Paw Prints"

Blue Urn with White Paws

Blue Urn With White Paws

Paw Print Tins for Scattering

Paw Print Tin

For Scattering


Mango Photo Frame Urns

Will need photo provided or you will need to open urn to place photo in frame yourself. 

<40# - 4x6 photo

40#+ - 5x7 photo

Photo Frame Urn

(Mango Wood)


Please note that these may need to be special ordered and so it may take 2-4 weeks for your pet to be ready.  You can also check out Bogati Urns if you do want to choose from a larger selection (and let us know which option you select).

laser-etched photo urn

Laser Etched Bamboo Urn


*will need photo provided

Odyssey in Raku w Copper Paws
Odyssey in Silver with Gold Paws


$80-100 depending on size

Raku with Copper (left), Pewter with Brass (right)



Tall Cat in Antique Bronze Urn
Tall Cat Urn in Calico

Tall Cat


Antique Bronze (left), Calico (right)

White Cat on Blue Silhouette Urn
White Cat on Pink Silhouette Urn

White Cat Silhouette (Photo Frame)


Blue (left), Fuchsia (right)

Precious Cat Urn in Silver

Precious Cat 



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